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5 min readMar 4, 2020


Update January 2021: EarnAcademy.cc is offline for now

Hello, World! We are excited to announce EarnAcademy.cc, a site that allows you to learn and earn money by answering questions about a variety of topics. Simply learn about a topic (read, watch a video, visit a website) and answer a question correctly as a knowledge check to earn.

Who uses EarnAcademy.cc?

There are two distinct users on EarnAcademy.cc. You can be one or the other or both with a single account. While some questions are available to answer without an account, an account (free) is required to create questions.

Question Creators

A user is a Question Creator when they write, publish, and fund a question. These are people that have an idea or a topic they are passionate about and want to share it with as many people as possible (re. marketing). They create a question on EarnAcademy.cc that incentivizes others to learn about their topic.

Question Creators understand that giving monetary incentive to answer questions about their idea or topic, will give their topic not just visibility, but also ensure some level of comprehension that a simple banner advertisement will never achieve.

Here’s a short list of some people that would benefit from marketing their ideas and topics:

  • Website owners
  • Product marketers
  • Business owners
  • Philanthropists
  • Technology stakeholders
  • Technology evangelists

Question Creators on EarnAcademy.cc are given many options when creating a question such as:

  • How much to payout for a correct answer
  • Topics to group questions
  • Whether a question should be visible or able to be answered by Earners not logged in
  • Notifications of low and empty question balances

Additionally, some simple analytics are provided to view how Earners are interacting with your question as shown below.


A user earns money on EarnAcademy.cc by answering questions that were created by “Question Creators”. An Earner can view all available questions and pick which ones they want to answer. Payouts for answering a question correctly vary and are set by the creator of the question. To view which questions have the highest payout, click here.

Some questions on EarnAcademy.cc do not require an account to answer and earn. Anyone can visit and answer these questions. But some Question Creators decide to require a log-in to answer their questions. To answer these questions, simply create a free account.

To earn money, you will need to have a Nano wallet. There are many options for wallets and you should choose a wallet based on your own requirements. Some of our favorites are Natrium for iOS or Android. NanoVault for your browser. Or you can visit https://nanolinks.info/#wallets for a longer list of wallet options.

What money is earned?

Cryptocurrency: Magic Internet Money

Cryptocurrency has changed the way people exchange money, especially on the Internet. No longer must you provide private bank information, pay expensive wire transfer or credit card fees, or have minimum payment amounts. “Magic Internet Money” that is secure and decentralized means you and you alone control your money and your transactions.

EarnAcademy.cc sends mostly what is called micro-transactions. These are transactions that are small, generally smaller than would be allowed with a credit card due to fees. Because it only takes a few minutes to answer a question on EarnAcademy.cc, most question creators elect to award small payouts.

Bitcoin: Secure, but not usable

There are many versions of “Magic Internet Money” in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The most popular of which (by Market Cap) is Bitcoin. The term Bitcoin has become a household name and people generally understand it to be a secure way of transacting money. But while the security of Bitcoin has been proven over the years, the usability of Bitcoin has a few major shortcomings.

First, it is slow. In order to send Bitcoin securely, it must go through a confirmation process. This confirmation process takes place once every 10 minutes. So for a transaction to be confirmed it must wait at minimum for this 10 minute timer to occur (ideally). But this confirmation process can often take much longer.

Second, it is expensive. Bitcoin requires transaction fees. While these fees may be negligible when transferring hundreds to thousands to millions of dollars … they are certainly not negligible when sending pennies to dollars, or something that’s called micro-transactions. Average Bitcoin transaction fee, at the time this article was written, were $0.64 USD (source).

For these reasons, Bitcoin is not a viable cryptocurrency on EarnAcademy.cc. The user experience would suffer. You answered a question correctly, you are entitled to your money right away without waiting minutes to hours. And paying Bitcoin fees would cause such extraordinarily high overhead that it would not make financial sense for Question Creators to create and fund questions to market their ideas.

Nano: Secure, fast, and feeless

Another version of “Magic Internet Money” is a cryptocurrency called Nano. Nano is a secure, fast, and feeless cryptocurrency that truly fills the requirements for digital cash.

Nano is fast. The fundamental technology of Nano is different than Bitcoin. This technology allows for transactions to be created and confirmed with no dependencies on any other account’s transactions. At the time of writing, the average transaction time of Nano was 0.46 seconds.

Nano is feeless. The Nano network does not provide monetary incentive to node operators and there is no environmentally harmful mining. This not only allows for transactions to occur without fees but also increases the overall security of the network by combating emergent-centralization.

For these reason, Nano is the perfect choice for EarnAcademy.cc. There exists no other option that allows secure, fast, and feeless transactions between two people without reliance on a centralized service.

To learn more about Nano, check out the /r/nanocurrency subreddit or the official Nano website.

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